A romantic dinner à deux, family get-together or a group of friends out for the night, you’ll love it.
— Nicola Simpson


Cru Was Born Out Of A Simple Desire To Provide Locals And Tourists With A Cosy, Warm, Atmospheric Place Where They Can Enjoy Simple But High Quality Food, Pick Out A Lovely Wine By The Glass Or Bottle, And Have Fun.

Eat Together

Every plate achieves that elusive, cuisine-defining balance of sweet, salty, and sour — even dessert.


Coming back home after 27 years in another country can be an unsettling experience. When I left Ireland in 1990 it was a very different country. Most of my friends left Ireland at that time and some returned, others, like me, built careers and families abroad and only returned for holidays during the summer or over Christmas.

I have family in Kinsale and West Cork so when I decided to come home this was where I wanted to be. My grown up kids love it here and the town is full of wonderful people with a real community spirit. I had flirted with the idea of opening a winebar in Dublin back in the mid 90's but it didn't happen so when I saw this vacant spot on Main Street in Kinsale I just thought....what the hell....roll the dice and give it a go.

The space evolved over the set up period, nothing was overplanned or overthought. Downstairs has a bistro feel...upstairs is roomier and lighter. The wine list is not overwhelming but I think it has good balance and variety. The notes are all mine.

My chefs have done an amazing job and my floorstaff are young and energetic (unlike the owner). I've met some fantastic people during the set up and really feel thankful to have this opportunity here. This is a happy place...and I hope patrons will feel that positive vibe when they visit us.


The Kitchen






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